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Phil Didlake (MT-BC) is a percussionist, music therapist, and the founder of Rhythmic Innovation. For over 8 years, Phil has been facilitating drum and  rhythm based events for individuals, organizations, and local communities. Phil uses his music therapy training to innovate and train others in new drumming programs in clinical, education, wellness, and community settings. Phil is a drum facilitator trained in both Village Music Circles and in the healthRHYTHMS protocol. Phil completed his music therapy degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. While pursuing his studies, Phil served as president of the New England Region - American Music Therapy Association for Students, organized and ran a weekly drum circle facilitation group, and was featured in a Berklee press release recognizing inspiring students in the 2016 graduating class. Phil is on a team developing an evidence-based drumming protocol known as Drummassage and continues to build communities around drumming, music, and dancing.


Event: Drum Circle: Berklee College of Music, 2014